Can A Medical Fitness & Wellness Program Improve The Health of Your Practice?

The Medical Fitness Academy can provide you with the exact blueprint you need to take your practice to the NEXT LEVEL of both personal satisfaction and financial success.

Medical Fitness…
Your Gateway To Greater Practice
Success & Financial Freedom

The Medical Fitness Academy is committed to promoting and fostering the development and operational success of medically-integrated fitness and wellness programs in healthcare practices throughout our nation.

Our Mission is to teach, guide, and help healthcare professionals get involved in wellness and fitness at a level that makes both practical and financial sense.  We are a team of wellness practice consultants and marketing experts who own and operate their own medical fitness center as well as provide profitable wellness solutions for healthcare professionals to integrate into their own practices.

Cherise Dyal, M.D.

The Medical Fitness Academy helped me create my wellness center right next to my practice and gave my patients their "next step" after their surgery and physical therapy.

Cherise Dyal, M.D., Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery & Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

Here's 8 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Add A

Medical Fitness & Wellness Program To Your Practice...


  • Lifestyle Medicine is an integral part of the future of medicine!

    Research shows that the vast majority of healthcare problems burdening our society are actually caused by disease-promoting lifestyles.  The need for health-promoting lifestyle interventions including diet and exercise is paramount… Learn More >>

  • It adds an ongoing cash revenue stream not dependent on third party payers!

    You lessen your dependence on third party pay and reduce the control insurance companies have on your financial future… Learn More >>

  • It provides a SOLUTION - An Intervention & Prevention!

    Healthcare Professionals hold the key to empowering their patients to live healthier and more active lifestyles.  A lifestyle-based fitness and wellness program can provide the RIGHT SOLUTION… Learn More >>

  • It generates more income from your active and inactive patient/client base!

    You also improve patient and client retention by providing a “continuity wellness program” that produces effective outcomes… Learn More >>

  • It's easy to integrate into your practice!

    Wellness Programs can be designed to easily operate inside almost any Medical Physician’s, Physical Therapy, or Chiropractic practice… Learn More >>

  • It will change your patient's lives forever!

    When your patient’s wellness is heightened, their ability to be productive is enhanced in all phases of their life… Learn More >>

  • It naturally attracts new patients to your practice!

    You’ll attract more people into your practice by blending current services with fitness and wellness programs under one roof… Learn More >>

  • It can significantly change your financial future!

    Take advantage of the weaknesses in the fitness and weight loss industries and offer your patients a solution they’re looking for… Learn More >>

See What Others Say About The Medical Fitness Academy

Wayne Westcott, Ph.D.

Your model of wellness and personal exercise is very inspiring. Thanks for your promotion of sensible exercise and healthy lifestyles. Continued success with your excellent work. God Bless.

Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., World-Renowned Expert In Exercise Physiology and Special Populations Exercise