Appeal to the 80% of your patients who don't exercise and you'll strike gold!

Most healthcare professionals know their patients should perform some meaningful exercise on a regular basis and manage their weight.  But the hard facts are... no matter how much you suggest, recommend, and preach to them, they don't follow through.  Why?

couchpotatoWhile the attraction to exercise and living leaner is all around your patients, particularly in media advertising, branded clothing, and the latest fitness gadgets, most of your patients don't adopt an active lifestyle as they should because two crucial components are missing.

The FIRST component that is missing is coaching.  If your patient does join a gym or health club, they generally have no idea how to exercise so they realize timely results.  They don't know the "dose-response" relationship of how much and what kind of exercise to do that will produce an ongoing desired result in a timely fashion.  Subsequently, they end up performing some form of exercise that ends up being boring and unmotivating that eventually leads quitting.

The SECOND component that is missing is time-efficient exercise.  The latest research clearly shows that people don't have to exercise for long periods to see and realize the benefits... if the RIGHT TYPE of exercise is administered.  And what's more interesting is that since TIME is the new precious commodity in people's lives, they will gladly pay you if you can help them get the result in less time.

So what segment of the 80% of your patients should you offer your lifestyle-based wellness program to?  We have found that these 3 patient groups will join, stay, and refer the most and make your cash-based wellness program a huge success:

Your Gen X Patients

  • Highest income
  • Most time-constrained
  • Least price sensitive
  • Biggest ancillary purchasers

Your Baby Boomer Patients

  • Largest Group
  • Stand to benefit most
  • Need intuitive, non-intimidating equipment
  • Prone to injury, 80% have some pre-existing conditions
  • Provide great "Word of Mouth" advertisement

Your De-Conditioned & Overweight Patients

  • Are intimidated by traditional "big box" gyms & their equipment
  • Need more supervision and assistance to benefit from exercise
  • Need to see results to prevent attrition
  • Are likely candidates for both exercise and weight loss nutrition programs

Offer these patients a cash-based time-efficient program of exercise and weight management in which they are coached and they will gladly pay for the results they achieve.  Imagine implementing a wellness program that actually provides an evidence-based solution that serves these patients and practically runs on its own!

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