Our Proven Wellness Formula = Your Wellness Program Success!

Rich Farina and Rita Bryan, Co-Founders of the Medical Fitness Academy and Co-Owners of Genesis Personal Fitness Center, have been operating their own Medical Fitness & Wellness Centers since 1997.  Since they began, they've helped thousands of people return to a lifestyle of regular exercise, lose weight, and transform their bodies and their health with their Medical Fitness Formula™ Wellness Solution.

Over the past 16 years, they have refined their medical fitness and wellness system and now offer their expertise to healthcare practitioners and help them implement highly profitable medical fitness and wellness programs that easily operate in almost any healthcare professional's office.

Keep in mind that their private center is a cash-based business (no insurance billing or third party pay) that produces sustainable revenues in excess of $55k per month.  Their Genesis Medical Fitness Program transforms lives as is evidenced by the many client testimonials and has become a distinct and unique wellness force in the health and fitness arena of their geographic area.

Let us help you implement and grow a medical fitness and wellness program that will allow you to achieve higher profitability and greater success in your practice.

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