Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists Can Expand Their Practices Well Beyond Rehab And Help Their Patients Achieve A Better Long-Term Outcome.

Offer The Next Logical Continuum To Your Rehab... A Cash-Based Medical Fitness & Wellness Program

Physical Therapists use exercise as a modality in the active phase of patient care with the intent of strengthening and stabilizing an injured area of the body. And while their patients are under direct supervision, the physical therapist gets good compliance from their patients for the therapy regimen prescribed.

But statistics have shown that in most cases when physical therapy is completed, discharged patients seldom do anything on their own in the way of exercise to support, continue, and complete their long-term recovery.

The Physical Therapist that has a well-organized medical fitness and wellness program onsite in their practice provides a "bridge" to a more active and healthier lifestyle for their patients.  In addition, a medical fitness program helps to reinforce the care already given so that recovery is sustained and maintained.

With shorter and shorter treatment regimens being approved by third-party reimbursement, along with higher insurance co-payments, patients are quickly learning that their health insurance will not foot the entire bill for a complete recovery.  Physical Therapists who are offering a structured medical fitness and wellness program are finding that patients are quite willing to pay cash-out-of-pocket to feel better, look better, and live better!