The 1-Room Wellness Center

Healthcare practitioners can begin offering cash-based wellness services to their patients with The 1-Room Wellness Center business model.  In as little as 250 sq. ft., you can easily generate a six-figure per year revenue stream in your practice that almost runs on auto-pilot.

Follow Dentistry's Proven Wellness Model

dental-hygienistSeveral decades ago, the dental profession found itself having to deal with similar financial turmoil that many other types of healthcare practitioners are facing today.  When forces beyond their control caused a significant decline in new patients, patient visits, and in their practice revenues, they re-invented themselves and realized the power they could harness if they took the lead in "preventive wellness".  Do you recall what they did?

That's right... they added a "wellness" cash-based revenue stream to their practices called... Dental Hygiene.  They hired and trained qualified para-professionals called dental hygienists and created an almost totally hands-off cash income stream to their practices... all in the name of PREVENTION AND WELLNESS.

All of a sudden, patients saw their dentist in a new light… as a Wellness Doctor. And they believed that their dentist had taken a more positive role in their dental care.

The result? More new patients… more patient visits… and more practice revenue!  In fact, statistics show that the average yearly revenue from offering a dental hygiene program in a dental practice is between $120,000 and $154,000.

So why can't you follow the same successful business model?  You can.

Realize Your Practice's True Potential...

In order to not just survive, but THRIVE during these challenging times, you need to be armed with a proven practice building strategy that can help you solve the challenges of this "New Economy" and strengthen or re-establish your practice and yourself as a powerful and profitable "wellness" force in your community.

Here are just some of the outcomes you can experience when you do it "right"...

  • You’ll be able to predictably attract more (and better) New Patients to your practice that will help you to generate more income with less stress.
  • You’ll be able to boost your practice with Referrals and you already know that referred patients stay longer and spend more on your services.
  • You’ll be able to increase your Practice Retention and thus decrease the need for expensive external marketing.
  • You’ll be able to get your “Lost Patients” back... there’s literally a goldmine hidden in your inactive patient files.
  • You’ll be able to have a completely New Cash Revenue Stream that will allow you to generate income without you having to deliver the services.
  • You’ll discover additional “Hidden” Profit Services that your patients are already looking for and willing to pay you cash for.

Find The Room... And We'll Help You Do The Rest!

Most healthcare practitioners admit that they don't make best use of ALL their office space.  1-RoomWCUnfortunately, the problem is... wasted office space costs you MONEY if it's not creating practice revenue for you.

We'll help you find the 250 sq. ft. you need to design, launch, and grow your 1-Room Wellness Center.  We've done it in hundreds of practices without disruption of current patient flow and revenue.

Our team of wellness practice experts will help you implement the 5 Key Elements of the 1-Room Wellness Center concept that include:

  • Wellness Consultation, Evaluation & Metabolic Testing
  • Personalized Exercise Programming
  • Supervised Strength Training, Flexibility, and Balance Programs utilizing results-driven and time-efficient protocols
  • Custom Heart Rate Based Cardiovascular Exercise
  • Re-Assessments & Other Programs such as Weight Loss Nutrition Counseling, Nutritional Supplements, Stress Management, and More!

Take Advantage of Our Years Of Experience and Proven Track Record

Our 1-Room Wellness Center Program is designed to help you implement a wellness program in your practice so that it's easy and effortless to run, totally compliments your practice, and delivers you a consistent, dependable monthly cash-based income stream.

By using the leverage created from our years of experience and proven track record, you can eliminate the guesswork and the "learning curve" while we help you implement an efficient and systematized approach to the delivery of your wellness program.

Some of the Specific Components of our 1-Room Wellness Center Program include...

  • Program Goals & Needs Analysis
  • Services To Offer
  • Facility Evaluation & Floor Plan Layout
  • Equipment Needs Assessment & Action Plan
  • Effective Protocols & Procedures
  • Staffing Analysis & Recommendations
  • Staff Training Action Plan
  • Program Pricing
  • Program Launch Strategies & Action Plan
  • Internal & External Promotion Strategies

Begin your journey to
greater success and financial freedom today!