Less Than 10% Of People In The U.S. Exercise On Any Regular Basis...

Wouldn't You Like To Learn How To Tap Into The Other 90% That Don't And Be Able To Offer Them A Solution That They Are Gladly Willing To Pay You For?

Medical Fitness…
Your Gateway To Greater
Success & Financial Freedom

The Medical Fitness Academy is committed to helping you expand and grow your business by providing you with the tools and strategies you need to implement medical fitness and other wellness-based programs that serve those individuals in that 90%. We are a team of business consultants and marketing experts who not only own and operate their own medical fitness & weight loss center, but also provide proven profitable solutions for exercise professionals to integrate into their own fitness center, health club, and personal training studio.

Here's 6 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Add

Medical Fitness & Other Wellness Services To Your

Health Club, Gym, Or Personal Training Studio


  • Lifestyle-based exercise and diet will be an integral part of the future in healthcare!

    Research shows that the vast majority of healthcare problems burdening our society today are actually caused by disease-promoting lifestyles.  The need for lifestyle-based interventions that include exercise and diet that actually work is paramount.

  • It easily sets you apart from your competition and gives you an almost unfair advantage!

    Instead of competing for the same 10% of people that other health clubs and gyms are after, you can offer services to the 90%ers that know they should exercise and diet, but want a more personalized approach and are willing to open their wallets to pay for it.

  • It easily integrates into your current health club, gym, or personal training studio!

    Adding medical fitness and other wellness-based services can easily be added to the programs you currently offer.  With just a few tweaks, you can create a new client/member funnel that is easy to fill and profit from each month.

  • It generates more income from both your active and inactive client/member base!

    By providing additional medical fitness and wellness-based services, you improve client/member retention and easily reactivate clients who have left due to a lack of results or flare-ups of old, chronic injuries.

  • It naturally attracts lots of new clients/members to your health club, gym, or personal training studio!

    You’ll attract more people who are part of the “90% population” into your facility by blending your current services with medical fitness and wellness-based programs under one roof.

  • It can significantly change your financial future!

    Once you know what to offer the people in the 90% and how to deliver it successfully, you can take advantage of the weaknesses in your competition and offer your these client/members a solution they’re looking for.

Your model of wellness and personal exercise is very inspiring. Thanks for your promotion of sensible exercise and healthy lifestyles. Continued success with your excellent work. God Bless.

Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., World-Renowned Expert In Exercise Physiology and Special Populations Exercise